Healthy nice snacks for your kids lunch.


As a company with focus on a healthy lifestyle for our kids, we want to share some of the snacks we make for our own kids as well. 

The first snack recipe we are going to share, is the delicious homemade granola bars. You can basically swap out any of the ingredients, and add your own as long as you stick to the measurements. 

This recipe will give you 10-15 pieces (depending on size you want).

What you need to make these delicious granola bars is the following:

100 g


50 g

Sesame Seeds

25 g

Desiccated Coconut Flour

100 g Oat meal 
150 g Dates
100 g Acacia Honning
25 g Butter
1/2 Tbsp Salt
100 g Raisins or Cranberries


Step 1

Turn on the oven, and pre-heat to 200 degrees C

Step 2

Mix the Almonds, Desiccated Coconut Flour together on a baking sheet. Insert into the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until it has taken a little brown color and smells delicious. Remember to stir a bit during the process, so that the almonds are roasted on all sides. 

Step 3

Take the dates, and removes date stones, and blend in a foodprocessor. If you do not have this available, you can also fine chop the dates with a regular knife. 

Step 4

Add the butter, honning and dates into a pot, and slowly heat the mixture all together. Stir gently until you have a combined mass, ready to be mixed with the rest of nuts. 

Step 5

Add the roasted almonds, sesame seeds, coconut flour and the oats, together with the raisins/cranberries and salt. Give it a nice stir, until you have a nice unifies mass. 

Step 6

Use a one of those silicone molds, and add some baking paper. Pour the mix into the baking paper, and gently press the mixture together so that it really sticks together. 

Step 7

Put the silicone mold into the owen for about 10-13 minutes, or until it has a nice brown color. Be carefull not to burn it, since it will give a distinct taste to the bars. 

Step 8

Take it out of the owen, and leave it to cool for about 60-80 minutes to cool off. You can put it into the refrigiator, to speed up the proces. Don't chop it up into lunch box sized bars, until it is completely cold, otherwise it will crumble. 

Step 9

Store in an air tight container, to keep fresh for days. 


Enjoy :-) 

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