What is the right size for you?


We have included some new images, of the 12" and the 13.5" model together, so that the difference really sticks out. 

Enjoy :-) 


As you can see, the 13.5" model is clearly bigger that the 12" model. As you may already know, we designed the 12" model for kids and light eaters. The 12 inch model easily contains a rather bulky lunchbox, some snacks and a water. 

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One of the questions we get asked the most is 'What lunch bag size is the right for me?', and therefore we wanted to create this blog post about the different sizes of our lunch bag, and really explain in details what the differences are. 

First of all - We have two sizes. The 'normal' size is the 12" model, and the 'bigger' model is the 13.5" model. Let's talk about the 12" model first. 

The size difference

The 12" model

We designed the 12" model with kids in mind. The 12" lunch bag size is perfect for one or two lunch boxes, as well as a few snacks. The neoprene material is very flexible and you can really fit a lot in these bags. 

Our own son has the black denim version, and we normally store two lunch boxes (one big and one small) and the small version of the sandwich bags. The big lunch box is filled with his 'real-lunch' such as bread, vegetables and fruits. 

The small lunch box is his afternoon snack which typically is a sandwich and some fruits.

The small sandwich bag is filled with nuts and raisins, so that he has a chance to get some healthy snacks during the day. 

The 12" model is shaped as you see in the pictures, and 'lunch box room' measures 12 inches long, 6.2 inches wide and 7.87 inches high. The bag itself including the handles is 11 inches high.  

12" Lunch Bag

12" lunch bag with lunch boxes

The 13.5" model

For the men and women out there that requires a little more room, we have designed the 13.5" model. This bag is really roomy, and can fit everything you need during the day. It can easily have 2-3 big lunch boxes, some water and snacks. No problem at all. 

Like the 12" model, the 13.5" lunch bag models are very stretchable. 

The measurements for the 13.5" model are 13.38" inches wide, 9.84" inches high and 6.5" inches wide. Including the handles the bag measures 13.5" inches. 

I hope this helps you out a lot, and if there is anything else you would like to know about our bags, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Big 13" lunch bag model

On the above picture you can see, there is lots of room to spare. Room for water, snacks and more. 

13" lunch bag model with lunch boxes

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